Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I'm Proud to be a Potterhead

The other night I was riding passenger as me and Bear drove to go get some dinner. I was absentmindedly scrolling through Google + when I realized how many Harry Potter meme's there were on my home page. One giggle led to another and then I had to start sharing them out loud to Bear. He chuckled more at my nerdiness than at the memes but still it caused me to realize how much I am a complete and total Potterhead.

I will go on the record to say that Star Wars had it's followers and George Lucas will have those nerds until the end of time, but JK Rowling has her loyal group of nerds and we will never stop loving the books and movies she gave to us. Star wars had three movie to geek out over (and of course the books), but Harry Potter had seven book and 8 films to go completely nerd over. I think it's safe to say that Harry Potter is the Star Wars of my generation.

It's not just the books though, it's not just the stories of mischief and magic, its the underlying meaning beneath the stories that truly pulls you in as a Potterhead.

There is a strong force of self acceptance and internal struggle that every person goes through. JK captured an awesome story yes, but she also captured the emotions of the every day human, muggles and wizards a like!

I owe JK more than she will ever know and I am proud to be a loyal fan of hers. Potterheads for life my peeps!

And some awesome Harry Potter humor to make you giggle...

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