Tuesday, March 24, 2015

You Get What You Focus On

Every morning on my way to work I take this route through the hills of Los Angeles. I'm not sure if it's the angle of the early morning sun, or the hazy fog still clearing from the valleys of the road, but I look at the houses around me as I drive and I think, "I want to live here."

My mother told me once that you get what you focus on. So far her words ring true; I am living in LA working in the film industry as a DI Producer, I have the best group of friends I could ever ask for, I am dating an amazing man that has brought more happiness to my life than I ever could have imagined, and I completed my first novel of my trilogy that I have working on for the past 6 years. Everything that I have set out to achieve, I have accomplished, and to a certain degree shot past the goal I strove for.

New goals take the old one's place, and now I see the things that I want in this life a bit differently. I used to look at those big beautiful homes up on the hill as unobtainable and only for the rich and wealthy. Now, when I look at those homes as I zip through the open back streets of Mulholland drive, I see a future of family, kids playing in the yard, and lazy Sunday bbq's. Those homes are no longer unobtainable and an object of status, now they are reachable and a building block of my future.

If all I have to do is work my booty off until I achieve my goals than so be it. I want to finish the final editing on my novel, land an agent, and send the book off to a publishing house that will share it with the masses. I want to continue working in film and work my way up the ladder to become a top of the line Producer. I want to spend my weekends with my friends and Bear and his little cubs. Yes I want, now it's time to continue to achieve.

It's amazing what happens when you look back and realize that goals you set out to accomplish have been achieved. You begin to see that nothing is impossible. That house right there on the corner of Longbow Dr can be obtained. The best selling trilogy sitting pretty in the window at a book store with my name on it is within my grasp, I just have to reach out and take it.


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