Monday, June 30, 2014

You Made Me SQUEE Laura....

SLIGHT SPOILERS....sorta....

There is a new thing happening to's called excitement. I felt it back in March when I was anticipating the awesomeness of GAME OF THRONES to appear on HBO again, but the buzz of anxious excitement is creeping down my spine again.

"But why Jessica, it's only July (technically it's July peeps) and Game of Thrones is SUPER far away!"

Ah ha...touche, I agree with you but guess what is not too far away. OUTLANDER!!!!!!!!

If you haven't boarded the train of "Outlander Obsession" like my dear friend Laura talked me into doing you are crazy as cat poop.

Seriously this is one of the best things to happen since Game of Thrones and...yes I'm serious....Braveheart. I know, that was only one movie but it was epic and beautiful and full of compound intense EMOTION. This series tugs at your heart, lifts your spirits, makes you want to scream battle cries...seriously if you haven't read at least the first book in this series GO. DO. NOW!

Why are you so excited though Jess?

That is a great question fictional speaker in my blog. I am excited because Diana Gabalden (Author) helped put together this amazing epic show. She wrote a great series starting with the first book, and I trust her decisions for making this show just as amazing. I won't get tied up in the whole, "but they didn't show this part," and the "wait they change that part!!!" Mainly because I trust Diana, meaning I know the show will be amazing AMAZING making it even more exciting to watch.

Soooo....why the sudden extra amounts of Squee today?

They just released the titles of the first 8 EPISODES!!! To which I immediatly freaked out.....

Me: there only going to be 8 episodes? Why is the wedding at the end so far away. Are they splitting up the first book? Questions questions more more questions!!!!
Laura: Its only the names of the first episodes that are going to air
Me: But but but...that means only 8 episodes for the first season?
Laura: I believe for season 1
Me: But but but....why why why....damn it damn it damn it!!!!! I WANT MOOOOOOORE...
Me: That last comment made me feel like the cookie monster Outlander style....I'm wearing a smancy dress too....
Laura: 16 for the first season, they gave a list of the first 8 episodes only
Me: Oh...I freaked out. Panic....I panicked.

Ok so the point is...READ THIS BOOK. I promise you won't regret it..then I dare you not to continue the series because....KILTS, SWORDS, FIGHTING, LOVE, TRIANGLES, TIME TRAVEL, SCOTLAND, BATTLE, DEATH AND DESTRUCTION, MORE LOVE, MORE AWESOME, FUNNY, and....did I mention KILTS...because KILTS!!!!!!!!!!

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