Friday, May 23, 2014

Day of Random Randomness

Today is Friday and I have dubbed it Day of Random Randomness

I was told way back when, which I'm pretty sure was a Wednesday (shout out to DC there),  that I was going to be named Dorthy Shirley. I'm pretty positive I would have been ridiculed in the sand box while the children around me threw rocks at my head and screamed, "You are SHIRLEY DORKY!!!" Thank you Mom, for not letter that disaster happen :)

Not sure if that is actually a rock...or a piece of blackish looking poo. Hmmm....pondering now.

I have decided in my own personal time of thought that when it comes to most movie/book series I most often love the first and the last one the most. I wonder if that is a common thing, or if anyone out there actually thoroughly loves book number 2. It's almost like the middle book is the red headed step child of writing, the evil set of pages that everyone wants to forget exists.
In order of LOVE, I will say the last two books of Harry Potter are preferred over the middle four and five. The first three somewhat make one long awesome beginning...the last two are the climax END!! Lord of the Rings, totally different though. I love the first one the most, the last one second most, and I seem to always forget about the middle one until I am watching the movies and I think...."I can't wait until the Ents FIGHT!!!!!

That most definitely is a HUGE ROCK!!!

MOOOOOOOOOOVIES...I can't stop thinking about all the new movies I want to see in the next couple of months. There are soo many! Some of my friends who aren't as movie obsessed as I am probably think I'm crazy when I text them mid day screaming something like..."HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW TRAILER FOR...BLAH blah BLAh!? IT'S AMAZING!!!!" (Yes, I text shouty cap people when I am really overly excited)
I'm not sure if it's because I love being involved with the process of making movies, or avidly watching the day to day updates, but I love seeing things before they happen. I like being the first to know. I will admit, when it comes to spoilers, I am the worst to myself. Basically I read too many movie blogs and updates.

Here were some other options, but I think aesthetically and Jessica "nerd" Girl needed a Harry Potter fix for some time :)

OPTION ONE.....because PUG!!!!!!

OPTION TWO....because I have a secret lego storm trooper hiding inside my keyboard!!!

OPTION THREE....because dark and mysterious nerdiness coolness

Random Fun Fact: Did you know that Frack has been officially added to the Websters Dictionary? If you don't know what that means, you need to get on some Battlestar Gallactica watching!

Happy Super Random Friday People....have a super awesome weekend <3