Thursday, May 22, 2014

Aggro Thursday

Yesterday I felt like there wasn't enough time in the day, today I feel like time is ticking at a cruel snails pace. I was filled with excitement and wonder yesterday morning, I was energized to work on my 3D, excited that I just finished updating my website, and invigorated to read through the third pass of The Manny. Today however, I'm frustrated and annoyed. I can't work on my 3D because I am at work and have no availability to access the right programs. My website is updated to the most recent information, nothing to do there until I have something to update. The Manny, I can work on that now yes, but it's almost impossible to focus on the organic flow of ideas, words, and foreshadowing when I'm surrounded by the loudest of loud noises!!!
 I think the crux of my issues on this momentously mediocre day is that I feel stuck. I feel like no matter how many strides I take forward I fall backward at least several more. Up the hill, almost there, I can see the horizon and then a magically evil whoosh of wind and I am back to the bottom again. Here is why: I need a more challenging job/career and I can't seem to land one. The first thing people usually say to me after this topic comes up is; "Have you looked at Craigslist?" Or even better, "Have you applied anywhere? You really should updated your linkedin."

It boggles my mind when people, whether they are strangers or close friends and family tell me obvious information that if they actually thought I didn't do would mean they thought I was incapable of...thinking. The truth, I have done this myself in other instances. It comes down to the problem, and the victim. I am the one with the problem, so I must be the one to fix it. Others can give advice and their opinions, but truly I am the only one that can fix this problem. (However if one more person tell me to look at Craigslist I might donkey punch them....or pee in their cereal. Either one.)

So to fix my problem I need a plan.....

I need to find someone who works somewhere that I want to work and then hassle, bug, annoy, and drive insane until they finally give up and hire me. 

Good Plan? Well, the people that know me probably think no...especially since I have already implemented this plan.

My point is, that you can't reach any high point of stature without knowing someone. I look at people who are famous, popular, rich, established, accomplished....they got to where they are because they had an in. Some legitimately work their ass off for their "product" but in truth, even if you are truly amazing, unless you have a contact to get you that dream job how else would you have gotten it? Jobs aren't made or instituted for complete strangers, your dream career is yours because what's her/his name promoted you. Sometimes this is awesome!! Sometimes this is a huge pain in the arse.

My new plan....



And only cakes based off of Harry Potter because that is ridiculously cool!

No plan (after ingesting a pound or 12 of cake) is to work when I can on what I want to accomplish. I really want to learn more about my industry, so I am going to take the time to do that when I have to availability. I am going to finish the third edit of The Manny and work toward getting it published by the end of the year. I am going to learn two new programs this year, I am hoping to make that Nuke and Smoke (If you don't know what that is, I want to be more efficient in VFX programs).

So new new plan is in effect NOW!.......but but why is the cake gone? (ANY OTHER JUNK FOOD CRAZY IDEAS??? I NEED OPTIONS PEOPLE!!!!!)