Friday, November 22, 2013

The Woman Best Friend...Real, or not Real?

There is a rumor that I have discovered is ACTUALLY TRUE and it took me a while, I really had to dig for answers. Finally, I discovered the truth.


I know what you are thinking...."Jessica, of course that's true, me and my bestie have been friends for years and years and....oh my god she just got a new sweater and I love it. Ugh, I hate that girl she is so cute in everything she wears, she is too skinny. But seriously, I love her." Yeah...

See now I had a very difficult time growing up, two of my very best friends (or who I thought were my best friends) up and ditched me after several HUGE and horrible events happened in my life. Amazingly, they both became really good friends, and I got nothing. For the longest time I sat back in reflection thinking, what did I do wrong? Have I done something to deserve this? The saying is "bro's before hoes" and "chicks before dicks" but truthfully in my experience that isn't the case.

I think most women have to decide in their life when it's ok to be vulnerable around women and when you should really keep your guard up. It's a lesson that is hard to learn, and one that comes with a train full of massive pain and struggle because you didn't see the signs of betrayal. After my first best friend bailed on me, I read this book called Summer Sister's by Judy Blume. At first I really related to the story of having such a great friend, but you soon realize that the relationship is really twisted and turns even more so by the end. But truly its about finding yourself in the mess, and coming to terms with the strength that you are capable of.

One of the funniest versions of this issue, of course is Mean Girls. I would never normally promote movies like that on here, but truly Mean Girls has some serious lessons to be learned, especially for younger women, or women that act like Regina George (Rachel McAdams character). This is actually a great example what will happen when you play that mean vindictive person. You will....become someone that no one likes or wants to be around.

I think being a woman is hard, and finding friends that care and love you for you is almost impossible, but there will come a time I hope when you find your nitch. I write this not randomly, or even by happenstance, but I write this because I feel like I finally found my group of girls, and it's wonderful, amazing, and SUPER AWESOME!! It's tough to find your nitch in life, but the best advice I have ever heard is be yourself, and someone will love you for exactly who you are.

Thank you friends, for loving the geeky nerd that I just can't hide <3

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