Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Let's Get Our Geek On!!

I think everyone has a special nerdy geek out moment in their life. A moment when you lose complete control over your senses and you scream, laugh, giggle, clap, dress in silly costumes, smile until your face hurts, cry because you can’t believe it’s happening, and lose all sense of self because you are so wrapped up in the “HOLY JESUS did that just happen!” moment. I think these moments and experiences in our geeky lives should be cherished and treasured, and not only that, they should be celebrated for the awesomeness of what they are.


Today I had a mini HUGE geek out  moment. I am at work and a co-worker of mine says, “Hey Jess, isn’t that your boy down there?” At first I thought, That’s strange why is my boyfriend at work? Then I realized who was at work that day and I did an inward, OH MY GOD JASON MOMOA IS HERE TODAY!? I promptly walked out to the kitchen to get my lunch and then beelined it in the opposite direction to see if she was right. Not only did I get to see my super awesome Hollywood crush, but in my small minute long hello conversation I got a hug and a kiss hello. Jason actually remembered me from the first time I met him over a year ago. Needless to say, the smile on my face was a total PERMA GRIN. Then….I gushed. “I’m so happy you guys are almost done with your movie, I really can’t wait to see it, it’s so good to see you too, your hair looks fantastic cut shorter, have an awesome evening Jason, yeah definitely hope to see you again soon too!” I then walked straight to my desk and did a little happy jig telling my boss I got to see “mister awesome beefy cakes” as he refers to him.


The funny think about geek out moments is that they are all yours, and you choose whether or not to give into them or not. Whether or not to embrace the goofy, nerdy, amazing, crazy, weird, artsy thing that is a passion of yours. I love movies, music, and books, I go crazy when I see amazing VFX and 3D graphics in movies, I have a few well deserved Famous people crushes (Jason Momoa “Kahl Drogo”, Jennifer Lawrence, J. J. Abrams, Charlize Theron, Mark Wahlberg, Joss Whedon, J.K. Rowling, Emma Watson, Jeremy Renner….ok maybe there are way more than  a few). The point is when I see something I love, something I am really into I can’t help but express it in the geekiest way I know how.


I remember when I was younger and I went to the premier of the first Lord of the Rings and a friend of mine made fun of one of the fans waiting in line to see the first movie. She was wearing an elf costume and elf ears. My friend proceeded to say the girl looked dumb and nerdy, and I being the naïve dummy I was at the time didn’t tell my friend to shove it, which I really should have. That girl was representing her passion with pride, she was showing the world what she loved and not only was she doing a great job of it, she was also ecstatic with pure unadulterated geekiness. I say bravo to her, and I am proud that she was showing her passions without a care of what people thought.


The awesome thing about being a geek is that you can geek out about absolutely anything, you can be a nerd over whatever you feel you love the most and want to celebrate. Comic-con is rad because of the amount of people showing the value of their passion. They go all out for one day of standing in lines and listening to seminars of what’s coming next, or what happened with their latest favorite movie/comic/whatever. The point is, being a geeky nerd is awesome. We don’t care about what people think, we are proud to be who we are. Proud to love what we love. And excited to show our love in every way possible. There is nothing better than to just “Be GEEk”

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