Thursday, September 19, 2013

Distractions and procrastination

Sometimes when I am home and I know I should be working I instead lounging on my couch, reading a book, watching a movie, playing with my puppy any and all of the above, and then once I get into bed I think, “I should have worked on something!!” I hate how guilty my conscious can be when really I do deserve a break now and again. I think after working all day long, getting up early, writing when I could throughout the day, working out…I just need a bit of a break. But then I think about when is taking a break a good thing, and when is it a bad thing. This is something I ponder often. I keep trying to get ahead and work work work, but then other things get in the way and distract me. Needless to say I am easily distracted, though I blame my puppy for half of the home distraction (who can focus on the next best seller when you have an adorable pug whining in your ear!!)

This week hasn’t been all that productive writing wise, and my 3D work has taken the back seat to my novel which also bugs me and nags me incessantly to work on it. I wish there were 36 hours in the day, 8 hours to sleep and 28 hours to work work work. I think that would be helpful. I need more time! Or maybe time could slow down and my actions could speed up like a humming bird. I could zoom so fast from thing to thing that I practically have twice as much time as before. This is a pointless conversation, it’s another distraction from doing what I am supposed to be doing. WRITING THE MANNY!!! Get to it Jessica, you have wasted enough of your morning.