Friday, August 23, 2013

Writers's chilly in here

The blinking cursor of the blank page states at me...blink...blink...blink. The rapid fire disappearing trick gets on my nerves fast. Why won't the words flow, I know what I want to say. I have the scene playing over and over in my head, but it won't run down the spine of nerves into my poised fingers waiting for the direction of words it must type. Ugh....

I don't consider this writers block, I consider it writers freeze. You see I have this novel I'm writing, yes its a trilogy, that I already know. And it's planned to be a YA series, I believe. Lets call this project Manny (aka...the manuscript...dun dun dun ). The ideas of Manny play over and over again in my head like a movie, but sometimes I just freeze up and can't seen to type a single sentence. I feel like this is worse than writers block, because I know the scene, the words are just rudely ignoring me, running away into the folds of my brain, they are hiding.

I feel like I have reached almost the middle mark, I have about 12 chapters under my belt, and I'm shooting for atleast 23. I hope this damn writers freeze will go away, Manny has way to much work to be done on it...and my deadline for completion is the end of December. I will make it...I am a novelist after all...right...RIGHT?!

side note: I have been thinking of ways to find an agent to help me on this adventure. I am hoping to go to the writers conference to spark some helpful ideas with that. Into the chasm of the writing world I shall go hence forth! (yeah I totally did that in a British accent in my head...I have no idea why).

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