Thursday, August 22, 2013

I'm a novelist...?

I remember talking to my mother one day and I told her "I think I want to write a novel." She responded with, "Are you sure? You don't sound very convinced of it." Ever since I can remember I have been writing; short stories, little picture books, and I had at that time two novels I was apparently "working" on. But at the time I told my mother about it, she asked why I never was open about what I loved and wanted to do. She made me realize that in order to want something, in order to really make something of yourself you have to own who you are, who you strive to be.

When ever someone used to ask me what I was doing when I was furiously typing on my laptop I always replied, "writing." Even to the people that seemed interested in what I was doing, I used to shy away from the truth. It was almost as though I was afraid of what they would say.

Now, I am amazed at the positive response I get when I tell people I'm writing a novel. The best one so far was "holy crap girl, aren't you a rock star!!" It made me feel great!! And every day from here on out I own who I am, I am proud to be an artist, proud to be a writer, I'm proud to be a total nerd.

Soon to come....
More info about this novel and where I am in the process so far. But stay tuned, soon I will be dropping some text from the first chapter!!

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