Friday, August 23, 2013

Of course I will be amazing....I am Batman....said Mr. Affleck

This really has nothing to do with my own life, purpose, or reason for blogging, but I feel like when something happens that practically everyone is talking about I have to make a little comment about it myself. (I think more for cataloging purposes than actually feeling like my opinion means anything what so ever to anyone else)

So….Ben Affleck as the new Batman. This seriously came as a HUGE shock to practically everyone I have talked to. I don’t think this is necessarily horrible, but then again I really don’t see Ben in the black suit and the roughened voice wearing a cap and the black eye makeup. It just suddenly makes Batman seem hokey…kinda weirdly lame because I like Mr. Affleck to Daredevil, and that character in his arms was pretty much ridiculous.

HOWEVER, none of this is to say that Ben isn’t a great actor, I actually think he is an amazing actor, and a PHENOMENAL director. Argo was brilliant, and the Town was freaking amazing. Both movies I loved him in. Of course my favorite would be Goodwill Hunting, no one can deny the amazing quality of the acting, the script, the whole movie was amazing! Especially the accent… “You like apples? How about ‘dem apples?”

I can’t honestly say that I think that Ben as Batman will be a total disaster, but I do have to admit that the Batman Superman movie might actually make it a bit….worse than it already seems it’s going to be. I really hope to be proved wrong, but I really didn’t enjoy Superman (Although Henry Cavill as Superman wasn’t so bad, he held the role really well…picturing him beside Batman and fighting each other? That doesn’t go over so well in my brain). And now trying to think of Batman talking to Superman, really Ben, are you going to use the Batman super secret rough voice and say things like “I am better… because I am Batman!”

I guess time will tell with this one, but so far I think the axe has fallen on this decision, I have yet to hear a positive outlook on this team up. I would love to hear some feedback about this one….

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