Monday, August 19, 2013

Movies that make me go weeeeee!!!!

I have to say for a movie obsessed person, I don't know every movie. As a close friend of mine likes to point out on an often occasion "you are showing your toddler" every time he mentions something that was way before my time.
Even though I can't tell you every actor of every movie, or that one director that did that one movie that practically no one knows about (I'm not quite that hipster/under ground)...I can still say I love movies, love the experience of watching them, get giddy over the trailers waiting for them, and wait until they are released to the public to watch over and over again the the comfort of my home.
Movies to me are a visual book, a way to get absorbed in a different story, a different world as someone else. I always walk away from a movie with a different emotion than when I walked in. Like after I saw underworld I thought tight black leather was amazing, and that it would help me with my badassery of killing evil werewolves! After watching Tristan and Isolde I thought about my long lost love that had been shipwrecked on the barren shores of LA...besides that is totally plausible!
My point is that every movie affects a person in different ways and even though I have yet to make a top 10 list of my favorites, I have managed to put together a jumbled list of movies I could watch over and over and over

1. Star wars...and you know I mean 4-6 not 1-3...even though I admit I have seen all of them multiple times, the last three I could watch on repeat again and again.

2. Hook..I can't imagine my childhood without it.

3.the princess bride..any body want a peanut

4. Some like it hot....I have only seen this twice, honestly. But I would watch it over and over, its a classic that must be given the credit it's due

5. ALL the Harry potter movies...perhaps that ages me, I don't care. Its the star wars of my generation and the story you will never get tired of watching

6. Inception...did the top ever fall over at the end!!! I want to know!!!

7. Ever after....I can quote pretty much the entire movie

8. A league of their own..I always said chicks who play softball are awesome, but baseball too...we girls are amazing!!

9. Little Nemo...this cartoon terrified me at first, but the magic of it was too intriguing. I watched it again and again. (I like the idea of a dirigible in movies for transportation. Its a cruise in the sky.)

10. Treasure of the first movies to use 3D cg objects and 2D traditional cell animation

11. Gladiator...besides the amazing cinematography this movie tugged at my heart strings

12. ALL lord of the rings...or LOTR for you fellow nerds out there.

12.  Bourne series...because lets be honest, Matt Damon is a total bad ass

I think an actual top 20 movies will be in order soon, but for today I will keep it at this....
I love movies because they open my eyes to world I have never, or could never see without them. They give me emotion, a sense of meaning, or purpose, they fill my day with laughter or thoughtfulness, they speak volumes in such a short amount if time. Movies may be momentary, a short clip in a mountain of memories, but those beautiful moments that captivate us will live for eternity in our lives if we let them.

Ok, rewind...lets watch it again!!!!

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