Sunday, August 18, 2013

Stretched Thin...

I wake up on a Sunday morning and struggle to push my eyelids apart. I was up late again the night before, and I didn't get all that much sleep. Up late? But why.... 1)partying 2)drinking 3)super hot date....actually none of the above. I hit a spark of "AH HA!" and before I knew it I was up till 2am working on my novel.

Now, early Sunday morning after a hike that I am pretty sure almost killed my little puppy, I come home and am overwhelmed with everything I want to do, have to do, need to do, should do, might do, and am actually GOING to do.

Grocery Shopping
Build external wear on 3D model
Finish character design for freelance
walk Dude
play with Dude
feed Dude...again
scratch Dude's belly
listen to Dude whine and get distracted....again
Make more coffee
Dinner with Bestie
Write more because I have another EUREKA moment

Like I said, so  many things I want to do, I guess it depends on what I will actually get done. Like this blog, some things just dont seem to take precidence over what I need to accomplish. But this is a nice break from the MUST do things, and more something (stop WHINING Dude I will get you a treat in a minute!!) that I will pick up here and there.

Things to look forward to...
I am about halfway through my novel, the first in a trilogy. I will start giving more updates on that adventure soon

I am almost done with a new 3D character, though I haven't worked on in a bit, so we will see where that one goes

Vacation...when does that happen?!?!

Till I am here again :)
The Girl Nerd

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