Wednesday, August 21, 2013

MTA: movie trailer addiction!!!

The lights dim as the glowing light of the screen blares to life, the subtle savory taste of butter and salt waft through the air as you dip your hand into the popcorn bowl. Tinkling sounds of a studio logo flash across the screen and a smile splits your face as you ready yourself for the adventure, the bleeding sorrows, the action packed thriller, the dystopian drabness, the conquering hero, the failing villain…the trailers have begun and you can’t contain your excitement.

I think you can tell by now that I am so totally and completely movie trailer obsessed. I don’t even necessarily wait until I get to a theater to watch the trailer, I pretty much search for new trailers on a daily basis. They are exciting, a small piece of wonder and giddiness prepping you for the awesome theatrical adventure to begin!!

Some trailers are amazing and grip you right from the get go, and some are a little ridiculous and beyond the point of “really, now why did you just make me watch that?!” I think what I love most about movie trailers is the moment of glee when the date of the upcoming release flashes before your eyes and the first words out of your mouth to your movie watching buddy is “Ohhh I can’t wait to see that!” BAM!! Excitement, thrill, and anticipation. I almost love anticipating a movie more than actually watching it….almost. Trailers give me a buzz of wonder, and they lead me to an emotion to attach to that upcoming movie. I love the specific songs that they use, the typography and the opening line that starts the next two minutes and thirty seconds of your life with building anticipation. A trailer is all about leading you in, making you feel like you are a part of something, giving you just a taste so that you desperately want more More MOOOORE!

I think the best trailers are the ones that don’t give too much away, if a trailer is over the 2.30 mark I usually stray away actually because I feel like they are just giving way to much about the movie away. My favorites are the :30 second teasers, that for the most part don’t tell you anything at all, they merely give you clips of the movie, a couple of awesome lines, and some epic music and you are hooked, you will wait to see that movie, and you will probably wait all night long at the midnight showing to be the first person in the theater just because of the :30 seconds you spent watching the gloriousness of the trailer two years previous. It’s completely intoxicating, and I am not ashamed to say I LOVE MOVIE TRAILERS, and I AM ADDICTED TO WATCHING MOVIE TRAILERS!

I do have some recent favorites, and even though I may have watched them already, I have to say that they trailer gets me excited to watch them all over again….it’s like eyeball candy and I just want it again and again.


Wolf of Wallstreet

The Counselor


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