Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Drip drip drop little April Showers.....

I watched the rain trickle down my bedroom window, tiny flicks of water catapulting at the glass without a sense of restraint. They drift through the sky with an abundance of free energy, zipping toward their end as though they can't wait to be distinguished. And they all end, every single one of them has a fleeting moment of life, and then as quickly as they sprung into existence, they are gone.

Each rain drop that lands catches my eye. Plunck followed by a long winded glide. They are a whirlwind of action and flurry but eventually they die down becoming something to be remembered. I can't remember every raindrop, but some are more amazing and worth focusing on than others.

As I watch the rain trickle in and out of existence I see a sharp spark of light flicker into view. The moment of glory has arrived. It builds in energy as it flows through the sky, crackling in and out of view as though shouting into the void, "I AM HERE!" I love lightening, every time I see it I smile in a startled moment of shock and awe. I am amazed every time, struck with a sense of wonder and enjoyment. It is perfect.

To me, life's many memories are like those drops of water. So many millions of moments, so many millions of seconds falling into minutes of time. A lifetime expelled upon the greedy ground within an afternoon. The lightening however are the catapults, the most amazing memories, the most wonderful stories; they are the golden light in a world of subtle grey. Rain enriches your life soaking you with nourishment to live, but the lightening keeps you moving forward knowing something amazing will happen again if only you are willing to be patient.

There is a moment of sadness though, when the clouds dissipate and wither away, when the sun shines strongly bringing heat and warmth back to the sodden ground. Despite the reprieve of falling water, you now are forced to wait in anticipation.

When will my next lightening find me?