Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Girl Nerd has left the building and J. McSpadden is taking OVER!

New Post. New Look. New Name. It's a new year...and it's going to be grand.

Hello to all! I have been quite the absent blogger, it isn't easy to blog every week when you work way too damn much but it's about time I just back on the writing block. Exciting news is soon to come and I can't wait to share the many details of my up and coming novel debut.

Trust me I am anxious and nervous, and I sincerely hope you haven't all forgotten about me. I am back, and I will comment away once again!!

I look forward to being a great blogger for you all once again. The Girl Nerd has turned a page, now it's time for J. McSpadden to take the spot light. Let's get writing!!