Wednesday, March 18, 2015

So where have I been?! Ohh let me tell you....

I am so excited for Saturday and I have been thinking this since Monday morning. I can't wait to not sleep in and get up early to write. I can't wait to clean up my living room and mop the floors and clean the kitchen. I can't wait to hang up my new curtains and put away all my laundry. I can't wait to sit back and enjoy the sparkling clean awesomeness of my apartment as I write away the weekend.

Sometimes I wonder, what the hell happened to Jess, and why is she so into cleaning? I have no idea when it started, but I just can't stand a messy apartment. Not to say it isn't messy often, of course it is. I am too damn busy all the damn time. Let's discuss shall we what has been going on since my long absence....time to go back....

September: I got a new job towards the end of August and it picked up dramatically in Sept. I am now a DI Producer, which is basically a glorified name for a movie babysitter. No joke though I love my job and it was never something I thought I would do. I basically get to talk to people all day about their movies and work with my team to get them colored and rendered out for final master to go to theaters. Now there is a tone of stress and crazy nights in this wild lifestyle of film making, but I love the energy and love the outcome. There is nothing cooler than being in a theater surrounded by strangers and seeing you name wiz by on the big screen!

October: My best friend got Married!! To which I was the Maid of Honor. This was a crazy whirl wind day and several months prior. I will say I have never seen a more beautiful couple, I love my family of friends.

November: Me and my boyfriend really got into the feelers. Very long back story on my boyfriend, who on this site we will call Bear (because I respect his privacy and he will giggle when he sees the nick name), but I won't get into the details of our history just yet. Anyways, things got intense in November, in a good way. There was some serious growth between us, and serious growth for me.

December: Is always insane with the Holidays...enough said there. Plus I was sick, yuck!

January: Work hit me like a ton of bricks. Busy all the time and there were just no breaks ever.

February: Probably the best damn Valentines Day I have ever had. Bear made me the most amazing meal and we chowed down with gusto! This was the month that I realized I hadn't been in a serious relationship this long (6 months at the time) since over two years previous. That....amazed me. But finally I felt like I found someone that gets me, that I love to giggle and laugh with, someone that chases me around the living room trying to tickle me. I was quite giddy in love and on the best most amazing cloud 9.

March to Now: Still busy with work, but more determined than ever to finish my first novel, The Praetorians. I decided I need to stop waiting and just get working. I want to put the name out there, I want to put my name out there, and I need to stop wasting time and procrastinating. So...then came the idea for a new name, a changed look, a fresh-ish start.

Now: I am J. McSpadden, I am a new writer about to reach the point of needing an agent for my first novel; The Praetorians, and I am ready to share my moments of hard work, struggle, excitment, and enjoyment with you all.

Here's to a fresh start, I hope you enjoy it all!