Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Stop what you are doing and READ THESE BOOKS....I mean it.....anybody want a Peanut?

I have always considered myself someone that finds peace in simple things. I could sit by a crackling fire for hours on end just staring at the dancing flames. For some reason the warm spark is soothing, the smell is intoxicating, and I find myself smiling in spite of myself. Same goes for walking in the middle of a wooded area, or standing on the cliffs of a beach watching the surf rolling in as the sun sets in the distance. I find peace and serene understanding of myself when I am surrounded by the beauty nature provides us.

Books also give me this, and it's not often I find one that I connect so intensely with, but there are books that I can't seem to forget. Perhaps it's the formulation of words and imagery, I find myself reading my way through a beautiful cinematic adventure all played out in the wide span corners of my mind. It's invigorating, intoxicating, inspiring...and another in-word that I haven't even thought of yet. I can't help it, I just love to read. I love to escape into an unknown world, or explore the emotions and difficulties of someone other than those closest around me.

Some books, like The Iron Druid Chronicles, give me action and intensity in my typical day. Running from the Irish Tuatha Dé Danann Gods is not something I feel I would ever encounter, but I can read about it! (Side note: This series of awesomeness has the coolest side kick EVER! An Irish wolf hound named Oberon who has his own corky sense of humor that you get to enjoy). I think this is a series you could easily read as an in between of the more serious heavy books. The main character Atticus O'Sullivan is the last Druid of his people but he lives in present day in Tempe Arizona of all places. The main point of this series is that he is a survivor, but a side note of this novel is that it's filled to the brim with nerdy references. I almost jumped out of my chair when he referred to Battlestar Galactica, "Shut up you fracken Cylon!" Anyways, fantastic series of books. I am at the moment reading book seven and I believe there will be a total of nine for your reading adventuring pleasure. I dare you not to get addicted!

Other books carry a more serious nature to them, they hit you straight in the chest with an unforgiving smile of; you were warned. This past week I picked up a book that I read quite a long time ago, more than 10 years. For some reason the cover pulled me in once again as it had before and I knew it was time to delve into the depths of Nicholas Sparks' words. Now I know what you are thinking..."Oh god, Nicholas Sparks, he is nothing but sappy romance!" To that I say....shut up. Mainly because yes he is full of sappy romance but this particular book is more than just sap, it's really a guide to understand how to fix what you broke when it comes to relationships.

This amazing novel, The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks starts out with a character Wilson. He is a straight forward no nonsense kind of man who has been married for 29 years. He has his typical routine, wakes up, goes to work at a law firm, comes home and works some more in his office, eats dinner with his wife, and goes to bed. When you start this story you see him for the responsible man that he is, but you also understand that his actions over the years of his marriage have had consequences. Wilson completely forgets that it's his 29th Wedding Anniversary and doesn't realize this until it's far too late. He then spends the next year trying his best to fix the problems he has regretfully caused in an effort to save his marriage to the woman he loves.

Once again, yes of course this book is about love, but it is so much more than that. This book is about how to fall in love again, how to mend a broken heart, how to stumble through the terrifying "falling in love" and press forward into keeping what you want, how to keep a family together, how to enjoy the time you have of everyday little small things, how to work past the shit and move toward the good. Wilson does something that I think all men and women should take note of: He seriously puts in an effort. Not just the little things, but huge life changing things. He recognizes that he royally screwed up and makes a concious effort to fix it.

This book strikes me every time I read it, and there are times that his words hit me so hard that I feel like my heart is crushing along side his. He made a mistake, and he is paying the price but even though it's an emotional roller coaster he doesn't give up. There is also I slight twist to this story, but I will leave that for you to read :)

If you are looking for something heart warming this is your book. If you are struggling with trying to understand your emotions about a relationship this is definitely your book. If you royally screwed up a relationship and have no idea how to fix it...this is THE book for you my friend.

ENJOY YOUR READING!! I'd love to hear your thoughts when you are done!!!!