Tuesday, June 3, 2014

You Can't Outrun Lonely

Sometimes the ache hurts just barely enough
It sits below the surface to the notice of none
A silent stab just below the chest
But I feel it like a blow to the core of myself
Don't be so concerned
It happens so much
Don't you worry
I just deal with it's touch
The cooling fingers prickling my spine
The settling flames that burst through my pride
The sweat ridden nights that are caused by thoughts
Of everything that can swallow me up
I yearn for the day this will all go away
But like clockwork it comes back
And I have no fracking say
Sure I can run and fight for my life
But every moment in a battle for breath
I'd like to see you outrun it's cruel touch
Instead of a warning a subtle jab
The bastard attacks in an all out parade
My flesh its canvas to pull down in fear
My emotions its instrument to play into tears
My heart it's ground to walk over like dirt
And my idiot brain to think this time it would work
I thought I had fooled you
I thought I found peace
But you come back to haunt me
Lonely, please just let me be.

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