Saturday, October 19, 2013

Characters are everywhere...

Characters in everyday life. I swear I never go a day without walking into a situation where I think, “holy hell, you would make a great character in a novel!” Not really because that person has a super interesting life, though that may be a possibility, and not really because they have a great story. It’s more about the character themselves, the little nuances that make that person weirdly unique and stand out from the rest. I will give you the characters I find most fitting in a novel through my daily life, but to save face of course they will have fake names. I dare you to now not think of the people around you in this way…..

1) The Ear blaster: There is this guy that I work with that I almost try to avoid. Not because I don’t like him, he is very nice, and not because I think he is mean, crude, or awkward (well maybe a little awkward). No, this guy is a talker. A won’t shut the hell up no matter how many times you give him the silent treatment, or say the off-hand “uh huh” or even try to act like you are actually really really busy…..looking at your computer. AKA…io9…facebook….reddit….The point is the guy doesn’t know when to just stop talking. So he would make a great side character. Not an annoying one, but a one that seems to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He finds his long lost love when a new secretary gets hired and she is MORE talkative than he is. Something like that….but to me, this dude needs to stop talking about Pauley Shore, I really don’t care man!

2) The Uber flirt: I don’t mind a little PDA, it truly does not bother me what so ever that you feel you have to casually plaster your hand to my arm mid conversation. HOWEVER….please stay away from my lower back, no its not ok to let me catch you glancing elsewhere than man eyes (you need to learn to be more covert!) And I know that there are flirts of the other side. The ones that giggle and seem to want to hug everyone within a mile radius. The ones that will stop mid conversation just to go say hi to so and so (even though they walk back over to you and say, “I have no idea who that was, but I always feel bad that I don’t use his name! He just looked like he needed a hi.”) Lets keep it at, PDA away, but keep in mind that there is such thing as personal space, if I can smell what you had for lunch…you are too damn close to me.

3) The Queen B: I think every office, work area, life situation has one of these. The one with the super high pitch annoying laugh that drills into your ears from WAY down the hallway. The one that thinks she is tough shit, hot shit, amazing shit…basically she thinks she is the Queen and the rest of you are the PEE-ONS!! Annoying much? Totally, but there is a problem, she actually is really really good at her job, she is above you on the ladder, and even though she may or may not have anything to do with your work schedule she likes to punish you on the weekends, late nights, and early butt crack of dawn mornings if she is able to. She looks at you with the manic smile saying things like, “you don’t mind right, because I have to be somewhere, so you can do this for me right?” And what can you say, Queen B may not own you, but she gets her way. You have to be honest here, you will never get your way, the day before you quit just give the B the finger and walk out of the office “Wanted, James McAvoy style” and know that you got the last laugh. Pwahahha….(that’s my textual evil laugh)

4) The total Sweetheart: Now this one is in every atmosphere. If you are self conscious and or insecure with yourself this person might actually annoying for their all amazing perfect sweetness. But really, that just makes you a jerk, I hope you realize that. This person truly is just the nicest thing you will ever meet. So genuine and down to earth, probably has the most infectious laugh you will ever hear, amazing eyes that are just so beautiful you fall into conversations with them thinking, “why would I ever want to be talking to anyone else?” Love this person, and if you give this one the time of day and a piece of your heart, they will always take care of you in return no matter what. Don’t be the B that steps all over this person and puts them down, they deserve to be cherished and loved and adored. Like Pam on The Office.

So that is my summary of some awesome characters around me. Each one of them has a place in a story, and most often the stories you hear in everyday life revolve around these types of characters. I’d love to hear back from you, let me know what your favorite type of character is. Who do you look at and think, “holy crap, you should be in a book!!”

PS.....this is my character today: half awake hipster with a classy coffee and pizza for breakfast. Grumpy, goofy, and in need of a hair tie

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