Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The meet cute moment

I think my favorite moment of a movie or a book is the Meet Cute, the moment when two characters meet for the first time. It always seems so idyllic and for the most part completely random (which in turn makes it seem completely ridiculous to “search” for your loved one when divine intervention will eventually drop them on your doorstep right?).

It never ceases to amaze me when people tell me how they met, probably one of my favorites so far is actually my parents. My dad walked in to get a haircut, and at the time my mom cut hair. He came in three weeks later, and asked her out on a date. BAM! Meet cute, and they have been married for 25 years now. Strange to think that a random task, getting your hair cut, could change your life forever.

I sometimes take this to the next level, “If I don’t go to the store right this second will I pass up the most adorable MEET CUTE EVER!!!” Probably not, I think the best example is a long ago movie I remember watching in film class the 1938 Bluebeard’s Eighth wife. They both go to buy pajamas and the man says to the salesman: 'I just need bottoms'. The woman says: 'I just need a top'. They look at each other, eyes lock and they realize, they are meant for each other.

Living in LA I meet a lot of people on a daily basis, and I can think of multiple times that I randomly met someone and sparks flew but for some reason neither of us went for the good old “call me, here’s my number.” Maybe I am old fashioned, but I would like to think the guy would ask for my number and call me as soon as he gets home because he can’t stop thinking about me. No…..is that too romantic comedy-esk of me?

Still regardless of how cliché and overly adorable these moments are in life, movies, and books, the inner sap inside me wants them to always be overly adorable and extremely over the top cliché. Let’s be honest, a great meet cute are the ones that make you expel your inner girl sound “Awwwwwww… how cute!”

My favorite top meet cute moments:

Time to get super mushy, you ready for this……

1)Tristan and Isolde….because who doesn’t LOVE a tragic love story

2) Scott Pilgrim…he already knew he was crazy about her, but their eyes met and it was perfect. Well for him it was until the crazy XXXXXXX's got in the way!!

3) Serendipity…now that whole movie was based around the meet cute…and the meet cute deux! Talk about KISMET!!

4) A good year…they already met once as kids, but then they meet again very… intensely!! He ran her off the road, she subjected him to being stuck in an empty pool

5) The Holiday…two women swap houses and find their TRUE LOVE…(which is also where I began to truly fall in love with the meet cute)

6) PS I love you….yep, idly walking through Ireland and you meet Gerard Butler…that is a winner!

7) Letters to Juliet…so freaking mushy, but I think I love when characters meet and first hate each other on principle but end up liking each other because of that little thing called attraction

8) Love Actually..now this one is full of love obviously, but my favorite story is the prime minister and his new assistant who actually drops the F bomb when she first meets him, honestly it was more adorable because they had English accents.

9) No I WILL NOT MENTION TWILIGHT….dumb meet cute….and he looked horrendiously pale, wth was up with his hair?!

10) Ok it has to be said….TITANIC….because she was about to plummet to her death and he saved her, well perhaps she never would have done it like he said, but she did slip and he caught her. Looking at propellers I call Shenanigans! (Kinda coincidental that Kate Winslet in the Holiday is the character that asks about the meet cute…and she honestly has one of the most intense ones EVER!)

So that is my epic list of mushy love meets. Perhaps one day I will get to write a fantastic short about my own meet cute

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