Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Help...I need your feedback peeps!!!

I need some thoughts from the masses...or rather the 5 people that might actually read my blog.

I have been doing some really heavy thinking about my novel, and the longer I wait and hold onto my manny I just feel like I am losing my spark over it. I need it to be out there. I am waiting on one more opinion, but really truly I think I am going to do a final polish and then self publish.

I was trying so hard to get an agent and get traditionally published but it just hasn't worked out so far and I kinda just want to be out with it. It's not really about making any money on it, it's more about getting the book out there to be available. Of course I hope people read it, of course I want many people to love it. But really truly I just want to know that I did it, that I accomplished it.

However, I still have my reservations. Should I keep trying to land the glory agent, or should I just self publish?

Thoughts? Opinions? Ideas? Completely unrelated comments are always welcome as well :)

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