Friday, September 19, 2014

Oh I love to obsess over you

I love starting new projects. I get this excitement in my belly like a child does the day before Christmas. It's like once I open the program and get started a present will pop up in the form of my finished product. TAH DA! Project complete.'s never that easy.
Last night I started the modeling process to build a new character, and thanks to an awesome friend I have a pretty updated rockin computer with the most updated rockin programs. First problem, resetting all your tools and configs to match your old presets. Forgot how laborious that can be. I was an hour into setting up and I still hadn't brought in my reference images to start building from.
But the excitement is still there, I want to go back home and jump back on my computer but alas, I must make money first.
So all day all I can focus on....
How am I going to build out the shirt and the mag holsters from the body block?
Polygon hair, a solid piece, or nurbs to build out a hair system?
And the words that keep running through my brain...Center pivot, freeze transformations, delete history.
Oh yes...the modeling has begun!
I'm looking forward to seeing how the pipeline goes on this animated short.