Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Girl Nerd takes a Stand!

I remember the shining bright light as I stepped out of the nerdy closet to join the rest of my bretheren, it was a moment of ecstatic glee. No more hiding, no more ducking behind sports and a tough tomboy persona. I stepped into the light and realized I wanted to shout to the world....


I didn't realize when I made this discovery of self understanding that there would be backlash for it. You would think the A-typical jocks/ punks/ bully/ jughead would make a crude comment in my general direction but I have to say that none of those "types" of people noticed I was a nerd. I don't look like a nerd, and after so many years in hiding I don't dress like one either. For the most part I believe I look like a natural girly girl, not overly done up but definitely applied in my appearance. That is not to say most nerd girls I know don't resemble me, in fact, I feel that almost all my fellow girl nerd slightly resemble me. It amazes me still that I didn't get the rejection from those outside of my little bubble of nerdiness but those on the inside.

The first time I noticed this obvious disreguard for my personal lifestyle I cast it off as no big deal, but the more it happened the more I had began to see an annoying trend. The most offensive comment I ever received was, "You can't be a nerd, especially a computer nerd, you are a girl." Yes, my inner She Hulk almost burst out of my body to beat the culprit down into a bloody unrecognizable pile of pulp. The reasons as to why I CAN'T be a nerd astounds me:

-I'm a girl
-I wear dresses
-I don't read comic books
-I don't play video games every day
-I don't own a true GAMER computer
-I like sports
-I'm not a guy
-I dress too girly
-I wear make-up
-I tend to flare up about misogynistic story lines/ tropes/ movies/characters
-I think having to show a woman's body to sell a product is asinine
-I read too many "smart" books and not enough "good" books
-I am obsessed with music and love being in large crowds at a live show

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. All of these reasons are ridiculous. I never ask a fellow nerd what makes them nerdy, I don't see the point. I don't need to offer up my nerd resume and have you approve or disapprove of what I like and am in to.

I think here is where it becomes obvious why I choose the handle name that I did. I am a Girl Nerd living in a Boys World. No I don't care if I am ever accepted because I will continue to love and adore the things that I do.

Truly I can't point the mean finger at every single male nerd out there, that in itself would be asinine. I want to say the score is about 70/30 of rude ass monkeys to kind adoring and accepting nerds. I have found many jerks in this corner of the world, but I have also found many many awesome and wonderful nerds that understand my plight.

I am a woman, and I am a nerd. I love movies to ridiculous obsession and I wait anxiously for the new trailers to come out so I can geek out all over again. My typical chill night consists of watching Harry Potter marathons, Firefly reminiscing (I'm a leaf on the wind!), or geeking out on the awesomeness of Battlestar. I played Donkey Kong every day after school until I beat the blasted game and won all the bananas. I became obessed with King's Quest and hogged the family computer because I had to collects the Mask pieces!! I love to paint not just on canvas but also digitally. I love 3D designing, I love building characters from a cube and applying color, light, and depth to create movement in 3D space. I am obsessed with fantasy/sci fi/ adventure books so much so that I am writing my own Trilogy. I wear dresses, I love high heels, I love curling my hair, I wear make up, and I use that damn torture contraption to make my eyelashes curl just right. I don't care what anyone thinks, I love what I love and no one can change that. I am a Girl Nerd in a Boys World and I will always

 Sometimes ME dresses up as Jessica Rabbit :)

Nothing to Prove- Geek Girls and the Doubleclicks 
Check out an awesome music video here!!! NERDS UNITE!!!

"We've both been ridiculed for our hobbies. Be supportive, we are on the SAME SIDE!"

 "Geek girls are awesome and we are not going away."

 "I was told I sound smart for a girl in a pink skirt."

"You think I do this for your approval??? Mwa hahahaha!! Get over yourself."

 And....Girl Nerd out. I think I have made my point :)