Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Moving Right Along!!!

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I just finished my second run through of edits on the Manny!! I'm almost done, I just want to get it out there. I want you all to be able to read it. I'm so close...it will be happening soon!! In light of my massive excitement I want to share a little tid bit with you. Here is the summary to the first installment of my soon to be trilogy :) Hope you enjoy!
The Praetorians:
Camille Scipio harbors a dangerous past, most of which she can’t remember. Suffering from acute amnesia, she wakes in a strange village filled with questions about her identity. She can run a mile in under three minutes, hunt like a true predator, and handle a sword like it's an extension of her body, but broken memories of her past threaten to reveal the monster she harbours inside.
After a strange beast attacks her refuge in Sierra Village, a rundown Colony of Aspera, Camille’s world implodes and she begins to piece together the truth of her identity. She is a Praetorian, a genetically engineered warrior created to protect the Nine Colonies of Aspera. Shock lets loose a mountain of fragmented memories and Camille struggles to maintain her sanity as Vesyon Vestra, a Praetorian protector, and Leo Shaehy, a fellow Praetorian, enlist her to help set in motion an uprising against High King LeMarc. On this wild journey to dismantle LeMarc’s domination over Aspera, Camille finds herself struggling with intense desire for Leo, a sharp witted friend from her past with an overwhelming sense of bravado. She remembers him in fragments but struggles with the uncontrollable emotions his presence creates.
Camille finds she is the most valuable weapon against LeMarc and seeks to end his reign of oppression but her frail certainties are obliterated when he let’s slip a devastating secret that threatens to unravel everything she trusts. Confronted with possibly losing her internal battle to the demons of her past, Camille must make a choice; loyalty to the people of Aspera or revenge on those who wronged her. One taste of power surging through her system is all it would take before Camille, knowing the consequences, succumbs to the crazed monster within.