Sunday, August 25, 2013

Oh to live in La La Land

Time to veer off topic just a bit into my daily life in La La Land.

I live in Los Angeles just over the hill from Hollywood, and it's easy enough to say we have practically perfect weather every day. Today sitting on my balcony it is a mild 86 degrees, though I am also in the shade, I'm pretty sure I would be a baked cookie right now if I was in direct sunlight. I'm white, I'm freckles...aka...I fry like a little potato (because I'm Irish, GET IT!) Anyways, perfect whether, a nice breeze, and what am I doing......I AM ON MY BALCONY STARING AT MY COMPUTER SCREEN. Wow...get a life Jessica!

I love living here, at first it was wild and a little crazy, the dating scene isn't all that great...a lot of fish in the sea yes, but not all of those fish are Grade A poultry, most are bottom of the tank scum suckers. The best parts about LA, is the diversity of things to do, places to eat, bars to go (craft beer YES PLEASE) there are way to many distractions here and as much as that can get me in trouble sometimes, I freaking love it!
 Me and my Friends at Cinespia about to watch The Princess Bride...and that man in black is the Dreaded Pirate Roberts! This is probably one of the coolest parts about the summer, they play outside movies at the Hollywood Cemetery (no we don't sit on the graves you crazies, there is an open park area) projecting the movie up onto the side of this building. It's fantastic and a ton of people usually show up. I am going this weekend to see Breakfast to come soon :)

The city lights of the's no wonder you can't see too many stars this city makes too many of its own twinkling lights!!
Lazy pool day with my's a rough life I tell you.

So I work in Hollywood at a Post Film house, not to be named for obvious reasons, and I love PEOPLE watching. I can in a span of five minutes see a cute couple holding hands walking down the street, a surly old man mumbling to himself, a gay couple buoyantly bouncing along in brightly colored perfectly put together outfits, a guy wearing a skirt and a tub top?...that's a guy right?...I'm pretty sure that was an Adams apple...that was a really cute skirt, a fake blonde in a skin tight dress with what I guess you would call a Grade D personality...totally fake, a punk rocker in full black spiked boots and more metal in their body than pre-teens at a Justin Beiber concert.....the list goes on and on and on. So many people, so much diversity, so many interesting topics, so many interesting lives!

LA is like a pool of stories, thoughts, hidden secrets, and strange worlds, step out into the unknown and unusual and you never know what you will come across.....

Stay Tuned: I think I am going to start doing a random short story once a week, just to keep the juices of fresh writing flowing. I'm pretty sure that will start this week. So come back here and check it out!!! See you soon...I think I'm gonna go walk the PUG!

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