Monday, June 18, 2012

Digital Painting- Personal Work

I have been meaning to post some of my most recent work, lately outside of 3D modeling I have been really into digital painting. I loaded up some for you to see, let me know what you think :)

Here is a digital painting of Medusa. It's a little stylized and I used a soft blur around the edges to bring the focus more to her face. I used an image I found online and sketched up the outlines in photoshop and then painted in the details.

Here is an image of a close friend of mine up in Las Vegas (in the mountains, yes it totally snows there!!). Again, I sketched up the image in photoshop and used the digital image as a reference for color and lighting details.

I saw a poster for Summer Glau with her body somewhat torn apart as an advertisement for Terminator so I decided to make my own little shot. I used an image of her from online and sketched up her outline and then painted in the details. I found another image of a robot and used those details to paint in the "metallic" details on her face and arm. Drop in a terminator head, and a title and a slight fade to the background an BAM! Terminator!!! This one was a lot of fun to do because I used a lot of different customizes photoshop brushes to achieve the splattered dirty look of her skin.

Once again I hope you enjoy these, and please let me know what you think!